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How do you tie your tie? 6 knots to know.

The windsor, the half windsor, the pratt, the eldredge or the simple four-in-hand... What's your preferred tie knot? Do you like to experiment? Or do you favour one particular knot?

Here's a few tie knots that we like. Some are classics, others are more unusual. Maybe next time you're feeling adventurous, you can try one! If you do, be sure to share it with us on instagram.

Windsor - Dressed for Sunday

This knot is a classic! It was brought to popularity by the Duke of Windsor. A fat, balanced knot, it works best with thicker ties.

Eldredge - Dressed for Sunday

This knot is complicated, but you must admit, it is eye catching! If you're game, it's definitely one to practice first to get the fishtail braid look just so.

van Wijk - Dressed for Sunday

This knot was invented by artist Lisa van Wijk who set out to make the tallest, yet still wearable, tie knot. Another striking knot, it looks great with simple fabrics that show the intricacies of the knot.

Half Windsor - Dressed for Sunday

The younger sibling of the windsor, the half windsor is smaller and more modest. However, it's still a smart looking and versatile knot.

St Andrew - Dressed for Sunday

A simple knot, the St Andrew looks great. Very like the half windsor in look, this knot is so easy to tie and adjust. It's definitely one you should try!

Trinity - Dressed for Sunday

Here's another one to practice. The trinity knot looks great with a stripe or solid to highlight the symmetry of the knot.